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Group Rules Info - Please Read!

:bulletpurple: Anyone is welcome to join, whether they love creating Nelf artwork, or just appreciate it. Just click the Join Group button and you're in! :)

:bulletpurple: Please submit only artwork that features Night Elves and things related to them (places, logos, beasts, events, stories...). You can submit other races as well, as long as there is at least one Night Elf included.

:bulletpurple: All submissions will be accepted. No exceptions. As soon as we get to view them all. :)

:bulletpurple: Please try to submit to the right folder. If you don't see the folder or not sure where to submit - do it in the Misc Folder and we'll take some time to sort it all out to the right folder and make new folders, if needed.
In case you do make a mistake and submit to the wrong folder, we'll let you know and ask you to resubmit. :)

:bulletpurple: You can submit as many works as you want. We're keeping it unlimited at the moment, to get things started. We'll see if this will change afterwards. :w00t:

:bulletpurple: Enjoy your stay here and have fun! :D

Night Elves Cross-Over Contest - WINNERS!

Journal Entry: Fri May 31, 2013, 3:05 AM
It's the time we have all been waiting for... WINNERS! So without further ado -

In THIRD place we have :iconzacrosso: with his fantastic piece featuring Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole!

Alice Down the Rabbit hole - Competition entry by Zacrosso

Here are your rightfully deserved prizes!

:bulletpurple: 50 DeviantART :points: from Night-Elves-Unite
:bulletyellow: 10 DeviantART :points: from keyan3d
:bulletpurple: Llamas from Ortheka, Stolen-Dreamer, keyan3d, llamas -and- features from NightElf86, NightElvesUnite-Bank and last but not least DemonessMongrel.

In SECOND place we have :iconzafnova: with another amaazing piece of Alice in Wonderland, this time a more comical spin and the Cheshire Cat!

Alice by ZafNova

Moooore prizes!

:bulletpurple:100 DeviantART :points: from Night-Elves-Unite
:bulletyellow: 10 DeviantART :points: from keyan3d
:bulletpurple: An OC portrait made by DigitalUnicorn
:bulletyellow: Llamas from Ortheka, Stolen-Dreamer, keyan3d, llamas -and- features from NightElf86, NightElvesUnite-Bank and last but not least DemonessMongrel.

And finally, in FIRST place, a well deserved digital piece made by :iconzyvian: of Night Elf 'Twiixx' as Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed!

Death from above by Zyvian

And even more prizes!

:bulletpurple: 200 DeviantART :points: from Night-Elves-Unite
:bulletyellow: 20 DeviantART :points: from keyan3d
:bulletpurple: Drawings from Ortheka, IcestormTundra and OC portraits from DemonessMongrel and djari328!
:bulletyellow: The winners package provided by :iconanothercontestgroup:
:bulletpurple: Aaaand finally, llamas from Ortheka, Stolen-Dreamer, keyan3d, llamas -and- features from NightElf86, NightElvesUnite-Bank and last but not least DemonessMongrel.

Everyone who entered the contest should be proud, :iconnightelf86: and I agreed that everyone had amazing pieces that were super creative, fun and clever. We're super happy to have been able to host this and we hope to have a new one soon; thank you every one who contributed whether that be in submissions or prizes, couldn't have been done without you. :love:


Voting results, pt. 2
We now have the results of the 2nd voting poll as well, and here are the top 3 semi-finalists:
1. Death from above by Zyvian with 28 votes
2. Alice by ZafNova with 25 votes
3. :thumb372012107: with 17 votes

Congrats!!! :clap:

Now, are you all ready for the GRAND FINALE? :D I know I am! Posting the final voting poll up, so it's time to VOTE for the WINNERS! :dummy:


Voting results, pt. 1
The first round is over and these are the top 3 winners who will go into the finale, after the second poll voting is done:
1. Alice Down the Rabbit hole - Competition entry by Zacrosso with 19 votes
2. 300 by Phexlyn with 13 votes
3. NightCraft by Stroke1986 with 13 votes

Congrats to the semi-finalists! You must be very excited! I know I am! :clap:

I will now post the second poll and you can start voting. :)


The first voting poll is up, so I hope a lot of you will spare a moment of your time and do so. As there were many entries, I decided to split voting into 2 parts. You will have until Friday to vote for pt. 1 and then I will post pt. 2. The top 3 from both poll will go into 'finale'. :) I know... I'm making this take too long and I know many of you are impatient and want to see who wins. I do too, but I think this is the best way. Let me know if you believe I am wrong.

And now, let's VOTE!!! :D


Alright, time for submissions is up! :D I hope you've all enjoyed this contest as much as I have. I will post the voting poll up soon , so the voting can begin! You will be notified via another journal update.
Thank you all for participating. :aww:

Also, I will send the points to all participants after I post the poll. :)


Yes, a reminder: The contest will be closed tomorrow. So, if you want me to extend the deadline, now is a good time to let me know. :)


Hello everyone! :wave:

Time to officially open our next contest! :w00t:

:bulletgreen:  CONTEST INFORMATION  :bulletgreen:

Q: When does the contest begin?
A: You can start submitting your works right now! :aww:

Q: When does it end?
A: May 20th + additional days for voting.
(can be extended upon request)

Q: What forms of art can I submit?
A: All forms of visual arts.

Q: Can I submit more than one entry?
A: I don't see why not! :D

Q: What exactly can I draw for this contest?
A: You can draw pretty much anything you want, as long as it's from a recognized universe (whether it's from a video game, movies, TV shows, literature) and obviously, it has to be about Night Elves in those other universes.
For example, you can place your Night Elf in a video game, e.g. Night Elf x Super Mario (dressed like Super Mario, jumping around, eating mushrooms etc. :XD:) or some movie/comic book/book ( e.g. Night Elf as Batman, Night Elf in Lord of the Rings, Night Elf  as a Starfleet officer from Star Trek, Night Elf Jedi, Night Elf Wizard from Hogwarts...).
The possibilities and vast, or rather limitless, so I'm pretty sure you won't have problems with using your imagination and placing your favorite Nelf in some other universe. ;)

Q: Is mature content allowed?
Yes, but not too explicit, please.

Q: Will I get anything for participating?
A: Yes, every participant will receive 10 :points:! :dance:

Q: What do the winners get?
A: The main prize for the winners (places 1, 2 and 3):
:bulletgreen: 1st place: 200 :points:
:bulletgreen: 2nd place: 100 :points:
:bulletgreen: 3d place: 50 :points:
+ The Winners Package provided by :iconanothercontestgroup:

List of additional prizes and prize givers: (to be extended, hopefully)

:iconnightelf86: ~ Features and llamas for the winners.
:iconortheka: ~ Free drawing for the 1st place winner.
:iconicestormtundra: ~ Drawing for the 1st place winner.
:iconnightelvesunite-bank: ~ Features for winners and llamas for all (if available).
:icondemonessmongrel: ~ Free OC portrait drawing for the 1st place winner, llamas (if available) and features for all winners.
:icondjari328: ~ Free OC portrait drawing for the 1st place winner.
:iconkeyan3d: ~ 20 :points: for the 1st place winner, 10 :points: for 2nd & 3rd place winner, llamas (if available).
:iconstolen-dreamer: ~ Llamas for the winners (if available).
:icondigitalunicorn: ~ OC Portrait for the 2nd place winner.

Also, once again, I would like to ask for volunteers for llamas, features, possibly drawing awards.

Point donations would be appreciated as well, just in case. :)

Don't forget to write 'This entry is for the :iconnight-elves-unite: "Night Elves Cross-Over" Contest under your deviation and submit it to the Night Elves Cross-Over Contest folder. :)

In case you have any questions about anything related to this contest, you are more than welcome to ask them in this journal. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing your entries! Good luck everyone! :D

More Journal Entries

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High Priestess of Elune




Gallery Folders

Artisan Crafts
Mature Content
Comics and Cartoons
Sketches and Lineart
Night Elves Cross-Over Contest



About Folders

Please read the Folder Rules before submitting. Thank you! :aww:

:bulletpurple: Featured
You can submit to this folder pretty much anything you want. I probably won't decline any of your submissions to this folder, but I would kindly ask you to not abuse it and submit only your best work here. Thank you.

:bulletpurple: Females
This folder is for single Night Elf females only. In case there is more than just one, you should submit to either one of the Couples folders (if there are 2 Elves) or Groups (which I will also elaborate below).

:bulletpurple: Males
Same as Females

:bulletpurple: Romantic Couples
Love couples. Same gender too. At least one Night Elf has to be in the picture. So, basically, it's a place for a Night Elf and her/his love interest. Just remember, they have to be in some kind of romantic relationship for this folder.

:bulletpurple: Non-Romantic Couples
Two Nelves who aren't in a romantic relationship, whether they are family members (e.g. mother and child, siblings...) or just friends.

:bulletpurple: Groups
Groups of Night Elves, whether it's e.g. 3 females, a male and 2 females, lots of males, females, children... But Night Elves ONLY.

:bulletpurple: Night Elves and Friends
This folder is for Night Elves and their friends. Not only Alliance members, per se, but also any other race that in that particular case is friendly to that particular Night Elf (or Night ELVES). So yes, you can submit a Night Elf and a Blood Elf, for example, if it is clear they are in no way hostile to each other and have managed to become friends. :)

:bulletpurple: Night Elves and Enemies
Scenes of duels/battles/fights with a Night Elf/Elves and their enemies/opponents.

:bulletpurple: Night Elves and Pets
Night Elves, together with their pets or mounts. Not Druid Forms, there is a folder for that. :)

:bulletpurple: Druid Forms and Other Beasts
This folder is for, as the name says itself, druid forms. Also, you can submit other beasts here too, if they're somehow related to Night Elves (Hippogriffs, Cats...) but there is not any Night Elf around (in which case you submit to Night Elves and Pets ).

:bulletpurple: Chibis
Anything related to Night Elves goes here, as long as it's chibi. Bring on the kawaii explosion! :aww:

:bulletpurple: Night Elven Cities and Places
If you have any pics of scenery of Night Elven places/homes, such as Ashenvale, Teldrassil, or some kind of Night Elven architecture  (moonwells or other buildings) and you don't know where to submit - this is the place! :)

:bulletpurple: Logos, Crests and Banners
As it says itself. :)

:bulletpurple: Cosplay
Night Elven cosplayers should go to this folder, whether they're male or female. If it's cosplay - it goes here.

:bulletpurple: Artisan Crafts
Plushies, jewelry, sculptures, figurines... of Night Elves and creatures/things related to them.

:bulletpurple: Mature Content
If it's too explicit and has a filter - it should go here. Although, sometimes people put filters on even if it's not too explicit (for example, you can tell the couple is nude, but you can't really see their private parts). In that case - it's ok if you submit to, e.g. Couples. It has a filter, so people are forewarned. Anything else - explicit sexual themes, violence, gore - Mature Content , please.

:bulletpurple: Comics and Cartoons
Comic pages, cartoony characters, anything of that kind.

:bulletpurple: Sketches and Lineart
I think it's self-explanatory. But feel free to ask, if you have any questions. :)

:bulletpurple: Literature
Stories and Poems featuring at least one Night Elf.

:bulletpurple: WIPs
Work In Progress. If you're working on something, but want to submit progress, you can submit it here. Of course, once you've finished the piece, you can submit it again to the appropriate folder.

:bulletpurple: Misc
You can submit your deviation here if you're not sure which folder it should go to. I'll make sure to move it to the right folder for you. :)


Top 3 winners of the Night Elves Cross-Over:

1. Death from above by Zyvian by :iconzyvian:

2. Alice by ZafNova by :iconzafnova:

3. Alice Down the Rabbit hole - Competition entry by Zacrosso by :iconzacrosso:

N-E-U Bank

In case you want to help the group and donate some points, you can now do so in our official points donating page! :aww:

:points: Click here to donate points :points:


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